About Me

[[Any views and opinions are my own and do not represent anyone but myself.]]

 I am a female Yemeni poet living and studying in London, England. I began writing poetry at a young age and only recently decided to take that difficult, boundary-breaking step as a young female Arab towards publicising my work, opinions and feelings. Using Youtube as my main tool I record my poems as an audio file and from there, share it with friends in hope of reaching a wider audience.

Since I started this I have been invited to perform and speak at a number of events including public meetings held by The Equality Movement, Stop The War, Interpal, World Medical Camp for Libya and much more. I’ve been privileged to have performed alongside conscious UK acts such as Lowkey, Mic Righteous, Poetic Pilgrimage, Logic and more during the past few months, as well as respectable speakers by the likes of Lauren Booth, Jody Mcintyre, George Galloway, Tariq Ali, Tony Benn and more.

The majority of my poems are based around the topic of overall injustice, though I understand and appreciate it is a global issue, I focus mostly on the Middle Eastern region. Originating from Yemen I have an innate, unbreakable passion towards my roots and use my voice to speak for my brothers and sisters in the homeland. Although I don’t regard myself to be a feminist, I feel strongly about the basic rights and power of the sisters, as should every human being.

As a Muslim I strive to reach the attributes of my Prophet (SAW) and his Household (A.S) .Through the kindness of Sayedna Muhammad, the success of Sayeda Khadija (AS), the strength of Imam Ali (AS), the knowledge of Imam Hassan (AS), and the determination and courage of our Imam Hussain (AS), I believe I am able to use my voice as our oppressed Sayeda Zainab (AS) did for the Muslim Ummah.

Feel free to browse my blog, comment or directly contact me for more information and or queries, I regularly check emails and tweets. Thank you in advance for listening to my poems or reading my thoughts.


“I am the land of the Arabs, the Peninsula, the foundation and root of the Middle East, I am the forgotten Jewel of Arabia.
I am Yemen ♥”
-History Lesson

I’m an Arab Poet. Expect strong opinions.
Everything I do, I do for you, Motherland.

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